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8 Best Things About Britain

We the British! So what do we really think about our sceptered isle? We will tale a look at the best things about Britain and list some of the things we all know and love.

It’s ours.

It’s cold.

We pay a shitload of taxes.

But for all its faults we love our country.

Old Blighty, Green and Pleasant Land. Britannia, UK or just plain old Britain. Whatever name you know it by Britain has a lot to offer. We are unique in many ways and still embrace traditions that other countries have left behind. So what are some of the best things about Britain?

The Queen (Hiya Liz!) 

Love or loathe the institution that is the British Monarchy, you can’t help but admire Queen Elizabeth.

Taking over the throne in 1952 and still in power today she now holds the title of longest-ruling monarch, which was held by Queen Victoria until Liz knocked her off the top spot recently.

Well done ma’am!

queen elizabeth II best thinsg about britain

Queen Elizabeth has been the reigning monarch for 64 years. That’s pretty impressive especially as she is into her 90’s.

How many people do you know that keep working for that long in Britain, or anywhere else for that matter?

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The British Countryside

The length and breadth of Britain displays amazing countryside. Britain has swathes of gorgeous country vistas.

From Dorset to Kent, the Yorkshire Dales to the Scottish Highlands, is there anywhere quite as lovely as the British Countryside on a warm summer day?

Green Fields.

Yellow Wheat. 

And Other Crops.

All create a landscape that looks like a gorgeous naturally created patchwork quilt with almost every shade of green you can think of and highlighted with splashes of other colours.

Although we in Britain some times take it for granted, it can be quite breathtaking when you get the full view.

british countryside

Fish n Chips & Full English Breakfast

Although we Brits haven’t exactly been known for our cuisine, I must say since returning from living in the USA it seems we have made much improvement in that arena.

Coffee Shops




Offering wide eclectic dining choices have sprung up in cities across the land. But no matter how far afield I travel or how many options are on the menu, I will still find myself craving good old fish n’ chips from the local chippy, or a Full English Breakfast.

Nowhere on my travels have I ever found a decent substitute for authentic fish and chips. I’ve had many people tell me ‘you must try this place or that place’.

They are usually locals that THINK they are getting an authentic fish supper, but the reality is they really don’t know what they’re comparing it too, so its never quite the same.

A full English Breakfast is a bit easier to replicate and I did many times.

All accompanied by the horrified looks from various American friends ‘You put BEANS on your BREAKFAST!?

Lol…yes, yes I do! 😛

full English breakfast with beans

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The History

Britain dates back all the way to….well, the beginning of time almost. With a rich heritage and history that many are proud of.  Many of our cities have

Incredibly old architecture.

Ancient castle walls.

Medieval buildings.

Not to mention that dotted all over the country there are multiple historic sites to be found and visited. They include –




All of them are hundreds of years old. We were bombed heavily during World War II and survived and rebuilt.

The People

Britain has a long documented of people from this country that have achieved great things. There are multiple historical figures that we are incredibly proud of;


Winston Churchill.

William Wilberforce.

And let’s not forget some of the fictitious creations that have come out of our country;

James Bond.

Harry Potter.

Doctor Who. (who?!)

All originated in Britain and have been incredibly popular over the years, and continue to be just as popular today.

Who were the Best British Bands of the 80’s? Find out HERE.


It is the oldest tennis tournament in the world dating back to 1877. It cost about a shilling to watch the final back then.

In Britain, the game was first televised in 1937 and has been going strong ever since.

It is still one of the only major tournaments to be played on grass courts.

Ladies singles were added to the event in 1884, and the tournament has traditionally always been held during the last week of June and the first week of July. But in 2017 it was moved to the first 2 weeks of July.

The only interruption in the competition being played was in 1915-1918 and again in 1940 to 1945 both due to World War I and World War II respectively.

Strawberries and cream have become synonymous with Wimbledon and every year 1000’s of people tuck into the courtside snack. How it became the snack of choice remains a bit of a mystery, but its popularity is in no doubt.

During the 2 weeks of the tournament, it is estimated that over 150,000 servings of the popular dish will be consumed.

Don’t forget to wash them down with a glass of Pimm’s or Champagne!

wimbledon tennis championships

Red Buses and Red Phone Boxes

Is there anything else that is more quintessentially British?

The red double-decker buses and phone boxes are a symbol of all things British and can be seen in all kinds of locations not just in Britain but worldwide.

From my own travels, I have spotted Red Double Decker buses in Asheville, North Carolina and St Augustine, FL. I’ve seen red telephone boxes in Downtown Atlanta, and Dunwoody, GA.

I would like to know where these two iconic items have appeared the world over. If you have seen either on your own travels please leave a comment and the location of where they were spotted.

red bus and london phone box

Our Famous Folks

Continuing on from our historic and fictional figured earlier in the article, Britain also has a great history of


Movie stars.



All who have come from British roots. People that can be recognized the world over because of their achievements or contributions to popular culture. Here are a few more.

The Beatles.

The Rolling Stones.

Dame Judy Dench.

Maggie Smith.

Stephen Hawking.

Alan Turin.

David Beckham.

JK Rowling.

Agatha Christie.

Torvill and Dean.

Nick Faldo.

Bobby Charlton.

Who wouldn’t be proud of names like these? The list is extensive and so many notable people have come out of Britain it probably could be a topic for a whole separate blog.

There you have it. Just a few highlights from the rich tapestry that is Great Britain.

We have a lot to be proud of and the people that keep our history, traditions, and heritage alive are preserving it to share with generations to come.

The country of the cuppa tea and the stiff upper lip has an inherent pride in its traditions and history that is hard to come by elsewhere.

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