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Hidden Fishing Spot with Massive 40lb Fish.

If you are located in the Lincolnshire area and want to get away for a few days try out the Pasture Wood Fisheries. Located in Lincolnshire this local fishing gem is hidden away at the back of the small town of Barton on Humber in North Lincolnshire. Simply known as ‘Barton’ locally.

Barton on Humber

Barton on Humber is situated not far from the Humber Bridge and has a lot going for it. It is a small but thriving town and offers several pubs, coffee shops, and eateries and Pasture Wood Fisheries is more than just your average local fishing spot. It’s a peaceful hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts in Lincolnshire

Through the wrought-iron gate, there is a small cafe on site that caters to fishermen, travelers, and locals. It has a 5-star hygiene rating and the food is amazing. Breakfasts come in a range of sizes to suit every appetite. Order one from the menu and prepare to enjoy an impressive feast. The folks at Pasture Woods know how to do a good breakfast which locals and anglers come regularly to enjoy.

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Cabin Accommodations

The property has 3 cabins available to rent year-round. They are all 2 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4 people. The cabins are well equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom and deck area, and include a private fishing peg for use during your stay. If you like to night fish you are welcome to do that too. Many anglers pitch tents or bivvies to enjoy the facilities of Pasture Woods for 24 hours or more.


Pasture Wood Fisheries is bigger than it might first appear. The area covers about 15 acres and houses 3 nicely maintained fishing lakes. The Neck lake is closest to the cabins, the main lake is the biggest lake, and just past the Neck. The Main lake hosts occasional fishing matches. Canal lake is exactly as it sounds, a long narrow deep lake towards the rear left of the property.

Fishing Facilities

The 3 lakes have a variety of fish species that reach decent sizes. Fish for carp, pike, ide, roach, rudd, orphe, and bream. Recently, a local angler caught a pike weighing over 40lbs! Read more about that HERE.

If you just want to visit for the day, you can buy a pass for day fishing at Pasture Wood. Prices are £5 for a single rod and £7 for two rods. You will require a fishing license. There is a convenient bait and tackle shop operated by the owners, who live on-site. It supply’s bait, hooks, and equipment often with a reasonably priced selection of used fishing gear.


The property is home to wildlife and an assorted variety of birds. If you tire of fishing, take a seat on your cabin’s deck, enjoy the view of the lake, and see what types of bird species you can spot. Or just take a stroll around the Pasture Woods land that covers 15 acres, and see what small animals you can spot on your walk.

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Hot Tub

For those who want to relax a covered hot tub has been recently installed for cabin guests use. There is an optional extra charge for use of the hot tub of around £100 per week. It is undercover and is a large model capable of accommodating 6 – 8 people. Wooden steps are next to the tub to help with entry and exit and there is a nice view of the lake when sitting in the tub.

Pasture Wood Fisheries is a hidden fishing gem in Lincolnshire and provides an enjoyable and inexpensive day out in a nicely maintained area with full facilities. It is accessible for disabled persons and toilets are available on site. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just a beginner, Pasture Woods Fisheries is worth a look.

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