Feed the Deer and Help them Survive the Winter.

With the recent colder temperatures and onset of winter, food sources can get scarce for wild animals. The kind people of Normanby Hall have fixed that problem for the many deer that live on the grounds by feeding their deer sugar beet during wintertime months.

normanby hall grounds
Normanby Hall Grounds

The Hall

Normanby Hall is a regency period mansion dating back to 1825 and has remained in the Sheffield family for generations. The home sits on over 300 acres of tranquil park-like land and is open to visitors the year-round. Guests may come to view the property and the grounds at their leisure.

normanby hall front
Normanby Hall front


The Hall is located just outside of Scunthorpe and has several rooms open for visitors to view. The rooms are decorated in the regency style. Originally used for just 5 months of the year for the winter season and hunting, the property features a fishing lake, a Victorian walled garden, and a farming museum.

normanby hall rear
Normanby Hall rear view

Deer Feeding at Normanby Hall

The expansive grounds are home to many red and fallow deer. The herds have lived in the area for 250 years and have a deer park where they can eat and play. In the wintertime, visitors can line up at the edge of the deer sanctuary to watch the deer come in for feeding.

The Normanby Hall deer herds are relatively tame and arrive each morning around 11.30am in the winter months. The staff from the hall tow a small trailer of sugar beet into the park area and toss it out so that the deer may feed.

deer park at normanby hall
Deer Feeding at Normanby Hall

Herds of the animals arrive in their dozens to enjoy the winter treat. It is a great spectacle to observe but to protect the animals the area is fenced, however, the deer get close enough to be seen by guests.

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Touring the Hall

After feeding the deer at Normanby Hall, take the time to tour the house itself. Much of the furniture and items on display are from the family’s inventory. The Hall’s history spans many years and it played an important role during WWI with soldiers recovering there after being injured.

staircase at normanby hall
Staircase at Normanby Hall.

Just to the left of the entrance hall is a grand staircase that takes you up to the old infirmary rooms, nursery, and even an old bathroom still containing all the fixtures and fittings of the time. On the lower levels are dining rooms and drawing rooms covered in silk. During Christmas members of the public can book a seat and enjoy dinner at the hall in the beautifully decorated dining room.

normanby hall dining room
Normanby Hall Christmas Dining

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The Stables

Don’t forget to visit the stables at Normanby Hall, just a short way from the deer park. These are well-preserved stables that were in full use as a riding school until recently. There is also a tribute to ‘Joey’ the homes extremely friendly deer that could be hand-fed and petted by the home owners. Joey is no longer with us, but his memory has been preserved in the stables where he sits peacefully in his own stall.

joey deer at normanby hall
Joey, the friendliest deer at Normanby Hall

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The Coach House

Visit the coach house just across the yard and see several antique horse-drawn riding buggies and coaches. Members of the Sheffield family living on the estate used them over the years. There is an old Merryweather fire engine on display; the estates own horse-drawn fire engine.

merryweather fire engine
Merryweather Fire Engine


So if you are in the Scunthorpe area do yourself a favour and enjoy a very cheap day out. View Normanby Hall, feed the deer and enjoy the grounds. See some local history and artifacts all just for the costs of a minimal parking fee.

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