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10 Best British small batch Coffee Roasters.

Lets look at some of the best British small batch coffee roasters that you probably didn’t even know existed. These UK based businesses are independently owned and promise to bring you the best coffee possible. Recent shopping trends have leaned towards hand made or independently created items instead of the typical mass produced fare. Just look around to see batches of hand crafted gin, or craft ale. A growing contingent of people prefer to buy hand created items instead of big box names from the supermarket shelf. Not to mention being responsible for where the product comes from.

So before you reach for the Starbucks maybe take a moment and give one of these coffee producers a try.

1. Artisan Roast

This British small batch coffee roasters is based in Edinburgh Scotland. They aim to build lasting relationships with their farmers and producers while striving to bring you the freshest coffee possible. Artisan Roast spend a good amount of time in identifying and sourcing the best coffee beans. Their laboratory staff are devoted to developing the best way to roast the beans. The beans can be roasted and tasted several times before deciding on the best method for each batch. The coffee is hand roasted to order to keep its optimum freshness. Their coffee is green coffee, meaning it’s completely fresh and unroasted. The staff at Artisan Roast make every effort to ensure you get the best available coffee each season.

2. Crafthouse Coffee

This West Sussex based company all started with an obsession to bring you the best cup of coffee. All of the coffee that they use is fully traceable to the farm source and has been ethically traded. They are so confident in their products that they invite customers to take a tour of their micro roastery. The company prides itself on producing some of the most precisely roasted coffee available. Crafthouse Coffee also offers comprehensive training. Everything from barista tools and machinery, to educating people that are just starting out in the coffee producing world.

3. Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Union Coffee is based in London and feel that their purpose in life is to try and make coffee better for everyone. They focus on roasting and ethical sourcing. The small batch roasters develop each batch with care to bring the best flavor out of each small batch. Union Coffee builds long-term relationships with suppliers and work to improve the Farmers well-being with Union Direct Trade. These British coffee roasters were one of the first UK companies to trade directly with the coffee farmers. Union Coffee has done much to improve the lives of many individuals in coffee producing countries. They recently won the Queen’s Award for sustainable Enterprise for their sourcing model.

4. Monsoon Estates Coffee Company

This artisan coffee roasters is located in Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire. They focus on hand roasting coffee in small batches and aim to provide you with the perfect cup. The company has grown from simple roots with the owners brewing their own coffee beans to try and find a good cup of coffee. They expanded and began selling their coffee at a local charity sale and soon after Monsoon Estates was born. They went on to purchase their coffee roasting machinery and the company has steadily grown from there. Monsoon Estates partners with coffee roasters in many different countries and it still continue to sell their coffee at weekly markets, where you can go along and meet the owners. They have won an Award for coffee every year since 2012 including the Three Star Award for their own espresso blend.

5. Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee is an independent hand roasting coffee company that produces in small batches.  The carefully select which farmers they would like to partner with to supply the beans through the Direct Trade program. Alchemy Coffee uses their artistic skills combined with science and technology to bring out the best flavor possible in each bean. This British small batch coffee roasters products are used in London in specialty shops and high end hotels such as the famous Dorchester. They also operate Alchemy Cafes that open on selected evenings and offer a selection of craft ale, fine wines and cheese and meat boards.

6. Beanberry Coffee Company

The folks at Beanberry Coffee Company in Woking, Surry take great pride in their product. The roast their coffee in small batches and bag everything within 24 hours of the roasting process. They guarantee that any coffee shipped will be distributed within 5 Days of the roasting date.  Beanberry sources and roasts some of the best specialty grade organic Arabica coffee. The green beans are prepared using a small batch drum roaster and a blend of science and art, then crafted into the final product. All of Beanberry’s coffee is roasted on demand in small batches.  They use only organic coffee and have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

7. Tynemouth Coffee

This small batch British coffee roaster is located in North Shields. Tynemouth Coffee will deliver award-winning coffee right to your front door. All of their coffee is hand roasted in small batches and then delivered the next day. Ensure the freshest brew possible. Their coffee is ethically sourced and the folks at Tynemouth spend a lot of time educating and training. Courses such as barista courses, and a home brewing course that teaches the preparation and serving of the drink.

8. Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee sources their product through Direct Trade and invests a large amount of time cultivating relationships with each of the farmers, millers, roasters, and everybody else involved in the production of their coffee beans. Their work has not gone unnoticed, Origin Coffee has won an slew of Awards since 2012 from Coffee and Good Spirits, Brewers Cup, and the Barista Championships to name but a few. All of the coffee that they source is fully traceable, and Origin supports many farmers paying at least 50% over and above fair trade prices without exception. Origin makes a point of visiting their farming and milling partners at least once a year.

9. Micro Roastery

Located in the heart of Canterbury this small artisan coffee roaster produces coffee wholesale and by the bag. Everything is roasted in small quantities to give you the freshest coffee possible.  Each batch is prepared using a gentle roasting technique that takes a little more time and care than usual. This is to ensure that the delicate flavors and aromas remain intact. All of Micro Roastery’s coffee is traceable back to source so that you know exactly where the beans have come from. They operate a sustainable model and reward their farmers by paying good prices for the quality coffee beans. As well as being a coffee roasters the company also has a shop and cafe where you can sit and enjoy one of their coffee brews and buy a bag for yourself.

10. Round Hill Roastery

This is a small specialty coffee company is based in Somerset. The folks at Round Hill Roastery aim to source the best possible seasonal harvests. They select coffee from small lots cultivated by independent growers. The green beans once received are roasted and tested in various ways until the maximum flavor and quality is reached. The company began from humble roots in a garage and selling their product at the Bath farmers market. Quickly the business grew and gained its first wholesale partners.  Since then Round Hill has relocated to a larger roastery and they work closely with the farmers and their team. This British small batch coffee roasters is dedicated to producing the coffees optimum flavor that is found naturally within each bean.

So before you trek down to your local big name coffee shop to get your morning brew, consider one of these local British small batch coffee roasters. With responsible sourcing and every one of these businesses commitment to the environment, you can be assured of an excellent cup of coffee from any one of these companies.

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