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British Royal Palaces and Residences

If you are a visitor to Britain, or even if you have lived in the country all of your life, you may decide at some point to take a visit to some of the British Royal Palaces and residences scattered around the country. Some of these may be visited or toured and others are not open to the public. You may be surprised to learn that there are in excess of a dozen British Royal Palaces, homes and residences in total. If you thought the Queen only owned Buckingham Palace you would be wrong. Here is a list of all the other houses owned by the British Monarchy

Buckingham Palace, London

buckingham palace royal palace of british monarchy

The stately London Palace that is the seat of the British monarchy and that has become a symbol of Britain and the Royal family. This building is important as a focal point for British people during difficult times and is the London residence and administrative headquarters for the Monarchy. 

Kensington Palace, London

kensington british royal palace london

This palace has been in the British Royal family since the 17th century and it’s located amid Kensington Gardens in London. Originally a Jacobean mansion this home was expanded into a palace by famous architect Sir Christopher Wren. Today part of the palace is open for visitors. Guests may come and tour the staterooms of this historic building. 

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