Botanical Gardens Birmingham: Find the closest ones to you

On of the Botanical Gardens near Birmingham is a great way to spend a day out. You may be a gardening buff, a budding horticulturist, or maybe you just appreciate the variety and beauty of nature. If you enjoy a relaxing day out strolling through colourful and fragrant scenery then a day out at the botanical gardens might be just the thing.

If you are living close to a big city like Birmingham then it can be nice to get away from the concrete jungle and enjoy a more tranquil setting. This article will list Botanical Gardens near Birmingham that you can visit.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

birmingham botanical gardens

Possibly one of the most popular attractions in the city is Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1829 with an investment of just £2000 these gardens were designed by J.C. Loudon, a horticultural journalist, and leading garden planner. The construction took 3 years and the glasshouses that are now a major focal feature and attraction of the garden were in some dispute.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens now play regular host to flower shows, political events, and music. Sunday performances in the bandstand began when the gardens opened and still continue today.

Visitors can enjoy a great day out with planned walked, seasonal plants, plants of the month and the butterfly house. There are plenty of facilities for visitors and a shop and tea room can be found on site.

Winterbourne House and Gardens

In a quiet corner of Birmingham not far from the city center is an Edwardian home nestled on 7 acres of botanical gardens. The Winterbourne House is a standing piece of Edwardian history that is filled with art, furnishings, and decor of the time.

These Birmingham Botanical Gardens sprawl over 7 acres of land and house over 6000 different plant species. The homeowners Margeret and John Nettlefold created the landscapes and borders of this Edwardian garden taking inspiration from the books of Gertrude Jekyll.

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

castle browmwich birmingham botanical gardens

Located in a suburb of Birmingham these Botanical Gardens survived the urban sprawl and remained as a stellar example of a formal garden. This is unique as most other gardens of this style were eradicated during the 19th century as the more informal style of landscaping became the fashion.

Castle Bromwich Hall is a fine example of a Jacobean home and walled garden. During the mid-1600s and early 1700s, the gardens saw extensive works and improvements by the new homes owner, Sir John Bridgeman.

Bridgeman added some formal garden arrangement, terraces, ornamental areas and expanded these lovely Birmingham Botanical Gardens to an area covering 10 acres.

University of Leicester Botanical Gardens

university of leicester botanical gardens near birmingham

Not far from Birmingham lies the Botanical Gardens and Attenborough Arboretum at the University of Leicester. These gardens were founded in 1921 and feature plant and shrub specimens from all over the world.

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