Long term Portland vacation homes

Looking for long term vacation homes in Portland, or Rose city as many call it? This is Oregon’s largest city and is often recognized as one of the world’s most environmentally conscious cities. Portland, lighted up by the sparkles of the environment, gives you the warm feeling that only an eco-friendly area could provide. The ambiance created by its beautiful parks and bridges is enough to make you enjoy your stay in Portland. Speaking of visits, if you’re considering staying here for a while, long term vacation homes in Portland  are just there to enhance your stay. We guarantee your comfort and ‘home away from home’ with the right amenities and furnishings put in place. If you want an exciting stay in this city, you should try any of these Portland long term vacation homes.

8. Charming Studio, bright and quiet

long term portland vacation homes
This Charming Studio is one of the best long term portland vacation homes available. The environment is serene and quiet, and if you’re a solo traveler or a business traveler, then this is the best Airbnb property for you, and it’s just at $49 per night. Read about some of the best properties in the English Countryside HERE 

7. Southeast Portland Treehouse

long term portland vacation homes
This modern treehouse can carry four guests in its two bedrooms and is a cozy space on the ground floor of a new home. It’s radiant with friendly pets around and you will absolutely love it. You can spend a night here at this tinyhouse Portland Airbnb Property for $60 and then stay as long as you want.

6. Cozy getaway in the heart of Portland

long term vacation home portland
Located right in Hawthorne/Belmont neighborhood, take this beautiful opportunity of a serene environment, a cozy ‘inside’ with amenities provided. The bed takes most of the room’s space which makes it cozier. Take this chance and enjoy your stay in Portland in this Cute Cozy apartment at only $44 per night.

5. Master’s Condo

This space is especially exciting with a lot of sophisticated furnishings to make your stay in this long term portland vacation home worthwhile. You’ll certainly love it, and it is available at $64 only per night. Learn about the British Royalties homes and palaces HERE

4. Nature’s touch, treehouse Apt.

If you’re someone with a deep love for nature and you like to visit rivers and waterfalls, then this long term Portland vacation house is specifically for you! This house is strategically located to enable you have fun. You can rent it only at $58 per night.

3. Purple private Apt.

Carefully situated in a friendly and convenient spot, this is one of the best long term Portland vacation homes. This private apartment is just a few minutes walk to restaurants, coffee shops, and bus stops on trendy Hawthorne and Division streets. Plus, it is not overly priced, only $49 per night. Find out some of the differences between America and Britain HERE

2. Restful abode, Clean and Quiet

This Apartment is situated close to the airport area so, it makes it easy for you to move in after landing in Oregon. Also, like the rest, this long term Portland vacation home is safe, calm and quiet. It is available at $65 per night.    .

1. Orange Courage Mainstay

The indoor feel of this apartment is so warm, homely and cozy. You’ll love the bathroom and kitchen, and it is certainly home away from home. Rent this apartment at $55 per night.


When staying for longer periods of time, one of these long term Portland vacation homes should provide you with everything you need to enjoy your stay in this fun and exciting city.
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