Best Neighbourhoods in Chicago

Looking for the best neighbourhoods to stay in Chicago while visiting? The city of Chicago is a city with lots of unique areas. Residents would tell you it’s a really large city, and they’re right. Chicago has over a hundred neighborhoods, each offering its own personality and range of amenities.

Here is a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. This should help narrow down your search for the neighborhood which perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget.

Wicker Park

best neighbourhoods wicker park chicago

This popular area is known as the hipster center of Chicago, and although there are lots of artisan doughnut shops, vegetarian restaurants, and overpriced clothing shops, it is also a place you’d find some of the best bars, restaurants, and musical venues in Chicago.

You can go see a musical at the Double Door, or hang out with friends at the divey Nick’s Beer Garden. The beautiful Victorian mansions are also located in this vicinity.


best neighbourhoods in chicago

This South Side neighborhood of Pilsen is an area where you’re sure to find colorful street art, vintage shops, and the best Mexican dishes in the mid-west. It is one of the best Chicago neighbourhoods for aspiring artists, businessmen, and young students.

First-time visitors can get some delicious Mexican pastry at the self-serve Nuevo Leon Bakery. Or if you’re a lover of Mexican art and history, check out the National Museum of Mexican Art.

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 beverly neighbourhood

The historic neighborhood of Beverly is on the Southwest Side of Chicago. It is famous for its Irish pubs and institutions and its collection of beautiful homes. Although it is a traditional family neighborhood, this area is quite diverse with a mixture of Irish and African-American residents.

First-time visitors should definitely visit any of the numerous south side Irish-style pubs, including Keegan’s. Or grab a bite at the famous Top Notch Beefburgers or get the wonderful Original Rainbow Cone and Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies.



This is an area close to the lake and home to some of Chicago’s prettiest streets. It contains the Lakewood, Balmoral, and Bryn Mawr historic districts. Edgewater is an eclectic neighborhood that offers a lot of diversity.

One of the best Chicago neighbourhoods for food, Clark St, has one of the most impressive selections on the North Side.

Eat Belgian dishes at Hop leaf, southern comfort food at Big Jones, or Middle Eastern meals at Taste of Lebanon. There are just so many spots catering to the culinary needs of this diverse community.

Logan Square

logan square chicago

Logan Square is an upcoming and diverse area full of an eclectic mix of people. The busy streets of Logan park are filled to the brim with bikers of all ages.

With locally-owned coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, this is one of the best Chicago neighbourhoods for urban foodies.

The wide, tree-lined boulevards of Logan’s park are perfect for an early afternoon bowl-walk. And at night, its music scene is grungy and loud.


chinatown chicago

Chicago’s Chinatown is much smaller than its counterparts in New York and San Francisco. But it’s still a fun place for first-timers to visit. Although you might have to stop nearby Bridgeport for a different bar scene.

Karaoke options are plentiful even within the confines of Chinatown proper. This small subset of the city is a place filled with something for everyone. Great restaurants and family-owned eateries serve a wide array of Chinese food.


lakeview chicago

This quintessential North Side neighborhood appeals to a diverse number of people all at the same time. Here is home to Chicago’s Gayville Boystown, and right next to it is Wrigley Field.

Lakeview is filled with sports bars and frat houses to the east, and the West Side of the neighborhood offers a more relaxed and quieter experience. It is also an extremely gay-friendly neighbourhood.

Food and restaurant choices offer mid-range variety and great take-out places. Try the fried chicken masters at Crisp, or check out Cozy, one of the best noodle joints in the city.

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